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Status report climate certification for food 2012-02-08

Climate Certification for the Food Chain – A Swedish initiative for climate mitigation

A Swedish initiative was started in 2007 by KRAV and Swedish Seal (Svenskt Sigill) in order to develop a climate certification for the food chain. Currently, the project is managed in cooperation with several major Swedish food companies: Milko, Lantmännen, the Federation of Swedish Farmers, Scan and Skånemejerier.

The purpose is to create a certification system, which will reduce the negative climate effects in food production and give consumers a chance to make a conscious climate choices as well as strengthening the competitiveness of the food producers.

  • The climate certification scheme presents a good climate alternative within each product category, guaranteeing to the consumer that improvements have been made.
  • The certification scheme covers the entire production chain for a product, where measures are taken that decreases climate impact.
  • The certification scheme covers Swedish and imported products. A module has been developed describing how products can be traded with on a global basis in a situation where few globally recognized systems are available for climate certification.
  • The climate certification can only be used in combination with another certification scheme (criteria are specified in the standard) that certifies components of sustainable food production.
  • The labelling issue is taken care of by existing certification organisations – guarantees quick impact and introduction on the market. No new label is introduced.
  • The project’s reports and results are public and available for downloading here.

Download the criteria:

Climate Certification of Food 2010:3

Scientific paper published 2010 on the climate certification scheme:

Bonnedahl Climate certification 2010

Findus Climate Certificate Products


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